IELTS English Grammar: Self-Learning

IELTS English Grammar: Self-Learning

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Proper grammar is essential to communicating well in English. This self-learning course introduces the fundamental aspects of English grammar and explains how they should be applied in written and spoken English.
The first section of this course explains the role of grammar in English. Following this, the importance of punctuation is described. The course also explains the different parts of speech and the role they play in English sentences. Finally, the course introduces all of the tenses used in the English language. The tenses are explained in learning material, which include multiple sample sentences.
This course is ideal English language students who wish to complement their vocabulary and phrases with a greater understanding of grammar. It is also suitable for native English speakers who want to revise their grammar or learn to communicate more effectively.


Having completed this course the learner will be able to: - Understand the purpose of punctuation in the English language; - Use punctuation correctly in the English language; - Recognize the parts of speech of the English language; - Effectively utilize the parts of speech in English sentences; - Understand all of the tenses utilized in the English languages; - Create sentences in all of the tenses of the English language; - Identify the key differences between similar English language tenses;


Self-Learning way offers you option where you can study on your own pace at your own location. It is best not only because you get flexibility but because it is less error free as compared with live training.

Our Self-Learning courses are best in industry. They are created by experts post intensive research on subjects. These courses are top notch as they are built using best softwares available in the market today.

Our Self-Learning courses come along with online assessments to evaluate your weak and strong points. We also provide free sample questions, practice tests, interactive skill-building programs, and detailed tips and information for understanding more about the test.


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