Academic/ General IELTS Self-Learning online course

Academic/ General IELTS Self-Learning online course

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IELTS Self-Learning online course (Academic & General Training)

With Skills Lagoon IELTS Self-Learning course you can prepare for IELTS any time, anywhere. It is available 100% online and available 24*7. This course is designed on “prepare - absorb - capture - review” process-cycle to maximize your practice and confidence, which will ultimately lead you to your target score

What do I get with IELTS Self-Learning online course ?

  1. Practice tests in all 4 modules; Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
  2. Vast material on High scoring Strategies
  3. Practice content for all modules
  4. Approximately 400 pages of teaching material
  5. Test tips and study strategies in all modules
  6. A recording facility to record and assess your own speaking ability
  7. Personalised feedback on two writing tasks
  8. Personalised feedback on three speaking parts

IELTS Exam Preparation Courses

If you’re considering taking the IELTS exam, an IELTS Exam Preparation course will help you succeed! You want to be as prepared as possible when taking your exam. Practice your English and learn the best test-taking strategies with a Skills Lagoon IELTS Exam Preparation course. 

What are IELTS Exam Preparation Courses?

An IELTS Exam Preparation course will teach you valuable English skills and strategies for taking the IELTS exam that will make the experience much easier and give you a better score! Learn about the different exam sections, the ways to maximize your exam time, and the types of questions on the IELTS exam. In this course, you will practice reading, writing, listening and speaking, and also improve your grammar and vocabulary. Take the IELTS English grammar course if you want to better your basic English skills. 

Location : Self-Learning

Our Self-Learning courses are best in industry. They are created by experts post intensive research on subjects. These courses are top notch as they are built using best softwares available in the market today. Our Self-Learning courses come along with online assessments to evaluate your weak and strong points. We also provide free sample questions, practice tests, interactive skill-building programs, and detailed tips and information for understanding more about the test.
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